Hello receiver, I am The Giver.

This blog is built upon the premise that giving and receiving are one. If I give you joy, you reflect it back to me and I too receive joy. The same for love, peace, and all of the wonderful truths of life.

Proving that what you give is never lost.

What’s In It For You?

I will help you elevate your financial status in the simplest way possible.

My Decision

The past does not exist in that how we perceive it is clouded, but for the purposes of comforting you with credentials, here is my story.

In late 2016 I had a financial crash. I was in more debt than I could pay, I was in a job that I did not care for, and I felt like a failure. I saw that if I continued down this path, I would get deeper into debt and I would feel more trapped by my job.

So I made a decision. I vowed to learn all that was necessary about wealth and wealth creation. That decision led to the reading of many books, blogs, biographies, balance sheets, and tax laws. It’s led to tons of research and testing of learned principals. Below are the results so far.

The Numbers

In my first year using these principals (2017), I increased my net worth from -$8,000 to $33,000. I increased it by another $40,000 the following year. I say this not to brag, but to show what is possible with a little attention.

During these years I’ve:

  • given away $15,000+ total to friends, family, charities, strangers, schools, etc.
  • created streams of passive income pulling in an average of $1,000/month
  • traveled to 3 different countries as well as many trips here in the U.S.
  • paid off all credit cards, auto loan, and student loans
  • raised credit score to an average of 720 from 580
  • quit my day job!

Now I write to you in this 3rd year sharing these same jewels that are so easy to implement.

Why Would I Do This For You?

For selfish reasons of course. The more I give, the more I will receive. Yet you receive as well so is it selfish? Only in the sense that we are all One.

So browse around, ask questions, and stay tuned.