Get At Least $20 in 10 Minutes from Western Union + Bonus $$$.

$20 in 10 Minutes is equivalent to $120/hr. If you make more than $120/hr, this is not worth your time.


  1. Open your free account with Western Union NetSpend.
  2. Activate your Western Union NetSpend card when it arrives in the mail – you will be required to provide your SSN at this time.
  3. Fund your account with at least $40.
  4. See $20 bonus within 24 hours.

More Info

  • Sign Up Offer
  • Account Type: Checking account
  • Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)
  • Credit Inquiry: Soft Pull (doesn’t go against your credit)
  • Fees: There’s a 90-day inactivity fee of $5.95. Just be sure to transfer money in and out periodically.

The Bonus

This account allows you access to a Savings Account with 5% interest on the first $1,000. This is perfect for funding your emergency fund.

  1. Make sure your Western Union NetSpend card is activated.
  2. From your profile, click “Move Money” > “Enroll in Savings”.
  3. Once enrolled, transfer any extra funds from your West Union NetSpend account to the new Savings Account.

Give More

  1. Sign up with Western Union NetSpend.
  2. Get $20 bonus.
  3. Share your link.
  4. Recipients get $20.
  5. You get $20 for every recipient.

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